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Mousterpiece Cinema

Jul 2, 2016

Hey, folks! It's time for Josh and Gabe to begin a sixth year of podcasting as the hosts of Mousterpiece Cinema, and they're starting with one of their punchiest, goofiest episodes yet. It starts with the longest housekeeping segment to date, centered around a very exciting development: Mousterpiece Cinema is now on Patreon! Become a patron of the podcast and you might even get to tell us what to discuss on a future episode!

The current episode is another patented entry of Mousterpiece Cinema After Dark--make sure to say that in your deepest voice possible--as your hosts talk about the 1996 drama Phenomenon, starring John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Kyra Sedgwick, and Robert Duvall. Remember Phenomenon? A film that made more money than either Space Jam or Scream in 1996! It's true, but does the movie hold up as we approach its 20th anniversary? Or is it super-duper creepy? Find out now!