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Mousterpiece Cinema

Nov 5, 2016

We hope you're ready for an exciting episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, friends. With the election bearing down us, what better film to discuss than Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, featuring one of the presidential candidates himself in a very prominent cameo! Why, many people are saying that--wait, hold on a second. Oops, we're actually discussing Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco on this week's podcast, which is a fairly easy mistake to make, seeing as both of these movies are pretty similar. In fact, Josh and Gabe spend a great deal of time on this week's show debating whether or not a repeat of the first film's premise could possibly work, especially with the late Don Ameche replaced here by Ralph Waite as the elderly Shadow. Plus, they debate pop-culture references, big-name cameos, friend-zoning, and yes, there's an earnest plea regarding the election at the very end of the episode. Check the whole thing out now!