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Mousterpiece Cinema

Dec 31, 2016

Hey, friends! It's time for a very momentous episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, so you'd best start listening ASAP. It's not just the final episode of 2016, but this is Gabe's last episode as co-host of the podcast. As Gabe's swan song, we're talking about the 1995 Nancy Meyers-Charles Shyer comedy Father of the Bride, Part II, starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short. But leaving aside the inevitable final argument between Josh and Gabe about the quality of this film, there's a much more important question on everyone's minds: who is going to be the new co-host of Mousterpiece Cinema? The answer is in this episode, and it just might have something to do with our guest this week, Scott Renshaw of Salt Lake City Weekly and the new book Happy Place: Living the Disney Parks Life. But we don't want to tell you anything else just yet--check out the show to find out more!