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Mousterpiece Cinema

Apr 1, 2017

Get your tuxes ready, prep your hair in the right kind of wave, and polish off your gun, too: we're going to a high school reunion! That's right, folks: on this episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, Scott and Josh are heading back to the 'burbs for a reunion as they discuss the 1997 hitman comedy Grosse Pointe Blank, starring John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Dan Aykroyd, and more. They're joined by Mike D'Angelo of Las Vegas Weekly and The A.V. Club to talk about this cult favorite that helped push Cusack a little further towards the always beloved High Fidelity. Does Grosse Pointe Blank still hold up after 20 years? Is John Cusack still better suited to characters like Martin Blank or did his paycheck-heavy work in later years fit him better? And are all three of the gentlemen on today's show madly in love with Minnie Driver? Find out now!