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Mousterpiece Cinema

Apr 15, 2017

Well, it took until April, but this episode of Mousterpiece Cinema represents something of a rite of passage for Josh's still-new-ish co-host Scott. This week on the podcast, they're discussing the 1967 film The Happiest Millionaire, which some people may know best as the last film in which Walt Disney had any serious involvement before he passed away. But for this episode, it represents something of slightly less importance: it's Scott's first time talking about one of the batty live-action films from the Disney studios in the 1960s and 1970s. Because, make no mistake: this is a weird, weird movie. Even if you haven't seen the film--especially if you haven't--make time for this episode: there's alligators and cars and jiu jitsu. And more! Check it out now.