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Mousterpiece Cinema

Sep 2, 2017

Hey, friends! Head on over across 110th Street, because it's time for a new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. This week on the show, Josh and Scott invite friend of the show Jason Bailey of Flavorwire to help commemorate the 20th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, based on the Elmore Leonard novel Rum Punch. This story of a flight attendant playing a con on ATF agents as well as a menacing gun-runner didn't get quite the fanfare of Pulp Fiction (also a Miramax release in the 1990s, back when Disney owned that studio, in case you're wondering why this movie counts!), but is it secretly Tarantino's best film? Should people give it more of a chance in 2017? Or is it more sluggish than expected? (Maybe Josh is the only one who thinks that.) Find out now!