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Mousterpiece Cinema

Nov 18, 2017

Hey, friends! We hope you're in the mood for a happy working podcast, because that's exactly what we're giving you this week on a new Mousterpiece Cinema! As you might be able to tell, Scott and Josh are revisiting a decade-old Disney live-action/animated film, Enchanted, starring Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, James Marsden, and Timothy Spall. OK, yes, fine, Patrick Dempsey is also in this film, but his performance as the fairly unexciting love interest is one of the key points on which Josh and Scott agree, even if Scott's a bit warmer on the film overall. Does this movie, though, hold up after a decade? Has Josh softened towards what he saw as its flaws before? Do either of your co-hosts have interest in a purported sequel to the world of Princess Giselle and Andalasia? Find out now!