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Mousterpiece Cinema

Nov 25, 2017

Hey, friends! We hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving, which means only one thing: Christmas is right around the corner! While Scott and Josh hold off on their Coco discussion until next week, they're getting in the holiday mood appropriately! Because what better way to start off the Christmas season than with a movie adapted from a book with the word "Christmas" in the title, right? There's no way that movie...wouldn't have anything to do with Christmas, right? Well, it turns out that's the case, as Scott and Josh head back to the 1970s with Candleshoe, starring a young Jodie Foster, David Niven, and Helen Hayes. Though it's based on a book called Christmas at Candleshoe, this British-set scavenger hunt adventure has nothing to do with the holiday. But is it one of the rare Disney live-action films of the 1970s that isn't horrendous? Does this movie have a more tender heart than either Scott or Josh would have thought? Would kids from the 1970s ever have referenced Rudolph Valentino when they spoke? Find out now!