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Mousterpiece Cinema

Jan 6, 2018

Hey, friends! Happy New Year to everyone from the bottom to the top of the world! We're diving into a brand-new year of Mousterpiece Cinema this week by shaking things up with one of our Patreon donor request episodes. This time, Scott and Josh are on the hunt for a mysterious place of myth where whales supposedly travel to die after their long lives. Yes, that's right, we're discovering The Island at the Top of the World on this new episode of the show, the 1974 film directed by Disney stalwart Robert Stevenson, about a motley crew of explorers who go searching for a lost young man north of the Arctic. Does this 70s-era film remind your hosts of the cruddy Disney live-action films of the era? Would the movie have led to a great theme-park attraction? Does it matter that the movie doesn't know who it's about, or who the ideal audience is? Find out on the new episode!