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Mousterpiece Cinema

Jan 13, 2018

Hey, friends! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and Scott and Josh are headed back, way back, a hundred years for this week's movie. In fact, they're heading to World War I to talk about Steven Spielberg's 2011 epic War Horse, all about the relationship between a boy and his horse in the United Kingdom as the war begins. It's only been six-plus years, but most people would say this is not one of Spielberg's finer films. And yet! Josh and Scott, along with our returning guest Corey Atad, might disagree! Does this movie get its fair shake, or does it have too many...naysayers? (#sorrynotsorry). We dive into all the important questions here, plus make at least one comparison to Equus, because how could we not. So check out the new show now!