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Mousterpiece Cinema

Feb 3, 2018

Hey, friends! It's time for a very...uh...unique episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, as Josh and Scott head out to the wilderness of Oregon to watch the exploits of two young runaways and the circus lion they keep as a pet. Yes, they're talking about the 1972 film Napoleon and Samantha on this week's show, and if you haven't seen this movie before, trust us: you are in for a doozy this week. Napoleon and Samantha is notable for a few reasons: it's the feature-film debut of Jodie Foster, it features one of the earliest lead performances from Michael Douglas, and it also asks the age-old question: "What do you do when you realize that the hippie/sheep-herder who you paid to help bury your grandfather has inadvertently left you alone in his shack in the woods with only an escaped patient from a mental institution as your babysitter?" ...Yeah. This is a weird one. Sit back, relax, and let Josh and Scott try to explain how Napoleon and Samantha reaches this strange point on the new show!