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Mousterpiece Cinema

May 26, 2018

Hey, friends! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and this time around, Josh and Scott are headed to the woods to explore the long-ago past when man and bear...weren't able to co-exist very peacefully without the help of a few Phil Collins songs and a magical spell or two. Yes, this week, your hosts are talking about the animated film in which a character is surprisingly transformed into a bear only to learn some valuable life lessons from someone younger than them. No, not Brave. You know, the movie where a character wants to put their mark on a family wall, and is forced to join up with someone radically different from them who's lost their own family, against the backdrop of the post-Ice Age world. No, not The Good Dinosaur. For real: we're talking about Brother Bear this week with special guest Kristen Lopez, and spoiler alert: we could bearly stand it. What redeeming value does this film have? Was Patton Oswalt right when he mocked the film in his stand-up? Find out now!