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Mousterpiece Cinema

Jul 28, 2018

Well, folks, it's time to rip off a particularly painful Band-Aid on this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. Josh and Scott are headed back in time about 20 years to talk about one of Michael Bay's earliest, and possibly worst, films, the sci-fi action film Armageddon. Josh and Scott are joined by friend of the show Emma Stefansky of GQ and Vanity Fair to talk about this Baysterpiece, its massive ensemble cast, and its utter disregard for all logic, common sense, or joy. (It's possible that one of your two hosts really hated this movie.) What good is there in this film? Is it secretly enjoyable in spite of its bad scriptwriting? Does Michael Bay even deserve all of the blame? And do your hosts and guest indulge in a fair bit of profanity this week? The answer to that last one is yes, so...earmuffs, children! Now, go listen to the new show!