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Mousterpiece Cinema

Aug 4, 2018

Hey, folks! It's the dog days of summer, and we're mixing things up on this new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. Sure, it's about to be the NFL preseason, and America's true pastime, baseball, is in full swing. But this week, we're talking about a movie that's all about another big American sport, basketball. Specifically, Scott and Josh are talking about the 1998 Spike Lee sports drama He Got Game, starring Denzel Washington and a young Ray Allen as a man let out of prison and the frustrated but talented son he tries to convince to go to college, respectively. After twenty years, how well does He Got Game hold up? How shocking is it, especially in light of recent events at Disney, for a movie as adult as this one and a director as fiery as Spike Lee to have found at home at the Walt Disney Company? And which sport is truly America's greatest? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the new episode!