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Mousterpiece Cinema

Sep 1, 2018

Hey, folks! It's that time once more, time for another new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema! And this episodes marks yet another special occasion, as it's time for Scott and Josh to delve into another of the direct-to-DVD sequels made by DisneyToon Studios. They're heading back to the valley to get into the groove, or trying to get into the groove, with Kronk's New Groove. (Sorry, all you hopeful fans of Bambi II. We know we had it scheduled, but you'll just have to wait.) Longtime listeners will remember that Scott's a big fan of The Emperor's New Groove, while Josh was a bit cooler on the 2000 original. But what did they think of the 2005 sequel? Is it as funny as the original? Is it better for Kronk to be a sidekick? Does anyone care about his daddy issues? You'll have to listen to find out!