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Mousterpiece Cinema

Oct 27, 2018

Hey, friends! It's that time again--time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema! This week, as the merger between the dual monoliths of Disney and Fox grows ever closer, Scott and Josh are nostalgic for a period barely 20 years ago when the Walt Disney Company released a film that was all about how corporate greed nearly toppled the publication of the honest, unvarnished truth about cigarettes. Remember Michael Mann's 1999 film The Insider? You should! It's our film of the week, and Scott and Josh are joined by freelance film writer and critic Bilge Ebiri to discuss all things Insider, from Russell Crowe's remarkably intense performance to the state of journalism in the 1990s, and with just a smidgen or two of Josh's very, very bad impression of Al Pacino. (But no "Hoo-ah!" reference. Except in this description.) Listen to the new show now!