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Mousterpiece Cinema

Feb 9, 2019

Hey, folks! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and this is an episode all about firsts. Such as, say, the first time one of the people on the podcast has to be reminded that they've seen a film before! But let's not spoil things too much, as Scott and Josh sit down post-Sundance to talk about a very deep film about coming-of-age angst, romance, Big Chemical, lake monsters, and Herman Melville. That's right, we're talking about Doug's 1st Movie on today's podcast, and your hosts are joined by friend of the show Brad Oman (AKA Ethan Anderton) from Slashfilm to discuss this adaptation of the show from Nickelodeon and ABC, and why this one feels too much like the later version than would be preferable. Are the non sequiturs worth the rest of the movie? Is this movie truly forgettable? Find out on the new show!