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Mousterpiece Cinema

Mar 2, 2019

Hey, folks! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and we're ready for the big game on this one. Josh and Scott are headed to the football field for this episode, tossing around the ol' pigskin as they talk about the 2007 family comedy The Game Plan, starring a younger, somehow less incredibly buff Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a star football player whose life is upended when he learns that he has an eight-year old daughter he never knew existed. This comedy is all about formula, and this episode is no different! References to the Mousterpiece Cinema Bingo Card? Check. Tangents? Check. A rant about the recent recipient of the Best Picture Oscar? Check and a half, and bring your earmuffs for that one. Plus, of course, we talk about why The Game Plan's formula doesn't quite pan out, so check out the new show now!