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Mousterpiece Cinema

Aug 24, 2019

Hey, folks! We hope that you're respecting the Shabbos, or preparing yourself for church tomorrow, because this is a very religious episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. In fact, we're talking about both Judaism and Catholicism this week, because those religions are somewhat the subject of the 2000 romantic comedy Keeping the Faith. Starring Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, and Jenna Elfman, Keeping the Faith is all about what happens when a priest and a rabbi...fall in love with the same woman! Wackiness ensues, and Scott and Josh are here to talk about all of it, from this movie's very 2000-era storytelling, its weird references, the strangeness of the fact that this is the only movie Edward Norton directed for nearly 20 years, and more. Check out the new show now!