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Mousterpiece Cinema

Aug 31, 2019

Hey, folks! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and we're wrapping up the dog days of summer with a real howler. This time around, Scott and Josh are talking about the 2001 comedy Corky Romano, all about a veterinarian who is tasked by his mobster family to break into the FBI and get evidence to clear his dad's name. Oh, and it stars Chris Kattan as the title character. Yes, the SNL alum and his style of humor doesn't really work for your hosts, but boy, oh boy, does it work for our guest this week, the podcast's former co-host Gabe Bucsko. Have you ever wanted to hear a legitimate fit of the giggles from Gabe? You are in luck this week, even as Scott and Josh look on in dismay. Check out the new show now!