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Mousterpiece Cinema

Nov 2, 2019

Hey, friends! As we say goodbye to Halloween and hello to the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, Mousterpiece Cinema is getting closer and closer to saying goodbye for good. Today on the show, we're finally talking about one of the biggest films from the Walt Disney Company filmography, one of the most popular comedies of all time: Pretty Woman. Josh and Scott are joined by longtime friend of the show Emma Stefansky of Thrillist to discuss this 1990 classic starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, directed by Mr. Marshall (please, call him Garry). So does Pretty Woman stand the test of time after nearly 30 years? And what is it like to watch this movie...for the first time? Because one of the people on this episode a) had never seen this before and b) ...uh, did not like it. You'll probably guess who! But listen to the show to find out!