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Mousterpiece Cinema

Aug 12, 2017

Hey, friends! It's time to mosey on down to the darkest parts of your nearby jungle and make sure that have all the bare necessities in life to begin your journey. In other words, on this episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, Scott and Josh are talking about the 1967 animated film The Jungle Book, based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling. And if that title sounds familiar, it's because this is another Revisited episode of the podcast! This time around, Josh is watching the film with the Jon Favreau movie from last year in his head, and Scott's comments are new overall. So what do they think of the film? Is it one of Disney's best? A standout from the Xerographic Era? Does it read as racist 50 years later? Find out the answers to these and other questions on the new podcast!