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Mousterpiece Cinema

Aug 26, 2017

Hey, folks! It's time for a new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and this one's for the dogs. Well, it's for a dog, at least. A shaggy one! In this episode, Scott and Josh are talking all about the 1976 film The Shaggy D.A., the sequel to the 1959 film The Shaggy Dog. What took Disney more than 15 years to return to the story of Wilby Daniels, the boy (now man) who can turn into a sheep dog? Was it a smart move to have Wilby run for office while also being a dog? And giving just as much time to Tim Conway the Ice Cream Salesman? Your hosts are joined by return guest Anthony Strand of Tough Pigs to answer these hard questions, along with a more general: what the hell is going on in this movie? Find out by listening to the new show!